On behalf of the pupils and staff I’d like to welcome you to the new Merkland School website! 

We are really proud to be able to share with you all the exciting and innovative activities we take part in at Merkland School. We hope you find this website useful and informative and that it will continue to grow to reflect the exciting times we are currently in. 

Merkland School is a primary and secondary school for children and young people with additional support needs. We strive to ensure that all learners are supported and motivated to achieve their potential – both academically and socially. We work within the Scottish Government’s policies and guidelines with a strong focus on ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ by ensuring that all our learners are supported to ensure that they are safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included. We work to provide a range of opportunities that are relevant to their needs both now and in their positive post-school destinations. 

Through our individualised curriculum and range of additional supports, we provide appropriate learning systems to meet the needs of each pupil. We look to our wider community to ensure that our young people access a range of opportunities and are able to learn the skills necessary to progress within both their academic and social learning. A vital part of this progression is ensuring that everyone is working as a strong team around the child in partnership with parents and carers in order that consistency of approach can take place across all settings. 

I hope that our new website will give you as much information as possible about our school, the staff and the opportunities which are available to our children and young people. As always, please feel free to contact me at the school if I can provide further information.
Kind regards,  
Kay Hunter